Mission: The Meade Youth Basketball Association (MYBA) is an organization established to support organized youth basketball. MYBA support will include: promoting leadership, fostering a love for basketball, promoting principles of good sportsmanship, and providing financial assistance to youth basketball teams where possible.

Vision: MYBA will help develop players to become well rounded young adults by offering mentor programs, study halls, group sessions on current events, field trips and after school programs. We hope that through the love of basketball we can build positive academic, social and environmental growth.

MYBA Events

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Leadership Team

MYBA Volunteer

Reggie Leach

MYBA President
Girls Commissioner
Reggie Leach has been the president/founder of MYBA for the last 17 years. Coach Leach has actively coached for the past 22 years and is very active in his community. Competed on the National Level 3 times and ranked 9th & 13th, 2 out of the 3 times competing

Paul Moore

MYBA Vice President
Paul Moore is the Vice President of MYBA. Coach Moore has coached for over 25 years. He is actively been with MYBA since 2005.

Gwen Boone

Gwen Boone has been the MYBA Treasurer/Founder for the last 17 years.

Lisa Moses

Lisa Moses has head of marketing for MYBA for the last 12 years.

Rodney Ramsey

Boys Commisioner
Rodney Ramsey has been the boys commissioner for the past XX years.

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